Data security
In order to protect your data we follow industry standard security measures and use only trusted service providers with the highest security standards.

Processed data

The following data are processed by the app. Notice that with On-Premises deployment option these data are processed only on your infrastructure and never reach our servers. For Cloud deployment option all of these data are processed on our servers.
  • User display name
  • User avatar
  • User email
  • User calendars
    • id
    • calendar name
    • location,
    • description
  • Calendar events
    • id
    • event name
    • start and end dates
    • participants' emails and display names
    • organizer's email and display name

Service providers

We use the following services to run Roombelt:
  • Github pages - home page hosting (
  • Heroku - Cloud application hosting (
  • Gitbook - documentation hosting (
  • Heroku Postgres - Cloud application database (
  • Heroku Redis - Cloud application cache (
  • Google Analytics - home page analytics (
  • Drift - chat widget (, and On-Premises hosted app)
  • LogRocket - logging and session replay (
  • CloudFlare - device background hosting (
The list of service providers will change in the future. Please review it every couple of months.